A note to users of References v4.3d

While the current version of References is 4.3d, the description and the screenshots have not been changed so far. Please adjust the version codes in file/archive names and in names of dictionaries. Thus, the archives for installing References are r43d.exe (self-extracting archive) and, the default directory where References may be installed without further modifications is c:\refs43.

Installation of References for win32-systems

References may be installed directly from r42.exe or from using unzip or a similar tool.

Installation from exe-File ("installer")

A quick way to install References on a win32-system uses the r42.exe-installer. Default configuration requires that References is installed in the c:\refs42-directory (folder). Please follow these steps:
  1. Create the directory c:\refs42 (e.g. using the Windows Explorer)
  2. Add the item "c:\refs42;" to the PATH-variable of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file (see description below)
  3. Call the r42.exe-file: (1) adjust the target directory to c:\refs42 using the "Browse"-button, (2) extract the contents of the installer with the "Extract"-button and (3) close the installer with "Done":
  4. References installer
  5. You may then add links to the desktop to the batch files tutorial.bat, e-tutorial.dat, data.bat and e-data.bat.
  6. Restart the computer to make the changed PATH environment variable active.

Installation from zip-File

This is an abbreviated version of the installation instructions in the documentation (refsdok.pdf) of References for the experienced computer user. The complete distribution includes the files:



Only is required to use the program (if you do not want to change it, as a programmer). The file contains the source-code for the program and for the documentation). To install References, open a command prompt, make c: the actual drive, create the directory c:\refs42 and change into this directory:

  md c:\refs42
  cd c:\refs42

Copy the file into this directory and unzip it (you may use Info-ZIP's unzip, freely available through FTP).


Make the batch files in c:\refs42 accessible from other directories e. g. by adding this directory name to the PATH variable in the AUTOEXEC.BAT configuaration file (Windows 9x) or by modifying the PATH-entry in the ENVIRONMENT (Windows NT):


After restarting the computer, opening a command line, a call to tutorial should start References as shown in the following figure, to leave References, enter q [Enter] yes [Enter]:

Initial screen of References

Removal of References

If you wish to remove the References-installation, you will only have to delete the c:\refs42-directory tree (and to remove links made manually to the .bat-files). If you remove the v4.2-installation for a later version of References, do not forget to save and transfer the data.

Directory tree

The default directory structure of References is depicted in the next figure. An installation into another directory requires that all path entries in the batch (command) files are adjusted:

References directory tree

The directory c:\refs42\doc contains the documentation of the software in PDF. The refs42.exe executable file and AWK-scripts are located in the bin-directory. Databases have the general path \refs42\data and \refs42\data\rdb. The rdb subdirectory will contain the `binary' (database and index) files. The path \refs42\data is referred to as database text files directory in the manual and \refs42\data\rdb as database binary files directory or database subdirectory.

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