Tutorial: Download/Import of Bibliographic Records in Medline-format from PubMed

This short section illustrates download (and import -> References) of bibliographic records in Medline-format.

First look up the record in PubMed:

Find the record

Check the record to be imported with the mouse (only one record can be imported at a time):

Select the record with the mouse

Select MEDLINE format in selection list:

Medline format

Send the record to "Text" (select "Text" in selection box):

Send record to 

The record appears on the text screen in PubMed:

Text screen in PubMed

Select the text (depending on browser or OS, with ctrl-a), copy it into the clipboard (depending on browser or OS, try ctrl-c):

Select text

Open the empty text editor (e.g. from the text editor shell):

Open the text editor

"Paste" the text from the clipboard, save it as .txt file in the database text directory:

Paste text into editor

Convert the Medline record in References with main-t me, select the text file "__McMillan.txt", assign a new reference number, decide if MeSH are imported (better n), confirm (or do not confirm) to delete "__McMillan.txt". Then you should edit the "in_form.txt" form (insert keywords, check if abbreviated journal name is o.k.) and import the record into the References database with main-e ir. Details on importing may be found in the manual.

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