Tutorial: Make formatted bibliographic citations in StarOffice/OpenOffice

This page illustrates how you can format citations in a manuscript written in OpenOffice/StarOffice. This is a view of the manuscript, "raw" reference numbers are inserted as "refscite(ref-number)":

The manuscript

The manuscript is marked and copied to the clipboard:

Copy the manuscript

The manuscript is then copied from the clipboard to the References text editor:

Paste the manuscript from the clipboard into the References text editor

References is used to generate an OpenOffice/StarOffice (BASIC) macro for search and replace operations and this macro is then loaded into the text editor:

References creates the search and replace macro

The macro is copied from the text editor to the clipboard (The macro format of References v4.1h and earlier looks completely different, the alternative format has fewer restrictions):

Copy the Basic macro to
the clipboard

The OpenOffice/StarOffice macro dialog is opened:

Open macro module

"Module1" is opened for the macro created by References:

Open Module1

Paste the References macro into the BASIC editor (before pasting the code, delete anything from the text editor):

Paste the macro into
the BASIC editor

This is the text before converting citations:

Text before ...

Execute the References macro ...

...Execute the macro...

... and see the text with converted citations (e.g. "refscite(" --> "[1]"):

... text after processing (with
converted citations)

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