Concepts for development of References

References is designed as tool to support writing scientific papers and to help organizing bibliographic data. It is written in C using almost exclusively the ANSI C subset, which should allow a maximum of portability (although it is now developed on a Linux system). Some additional scripts to be used as command line tools (or by the menu options of the new text editor shell program: etext/etext.exe) are written in AWK (as perl is not available on many Win32-systems of normal users and the awk-interpreter can be made available to many computing platforms including Win32).

As a consequence, the user interface of this software is the text based "console". If you search bibliographic software you should give References a try, for your first steps go through the "tutorial"-section of the documentation. Comments are always welcome (see email address below).

Main goals

The program author may be reached at <kiev AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net>.

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