References is open source bibliographic software (Linux, win32) for authors of scientific manuscripts. References processes bibliographic data for various document types: articles in journals, complete books, chapters or articles in books, and other document types including electronic documents.

References supports LaTeX with or without BibTeX, OpenOffice/StarOffice and Microsoft Word. Bibliographic data in MEDLINE format (as downloaded from the PubMED database) are easily converted and imported. A database may be searched for bibliographic records by keywords, authors' or editors' names, date of publication, place of publication, title of article, book title, journal name, document type (code), publisher, edition number, volume number of journal or complex search commands using Boolean operators AND (&), OR(|).

References generates formatted lists of references (bibliographies) for your manuscripts and produces macros for your word processor (MS Word, StarOffice/ writer) which convert temporary (raw) citations in the manuscript into formatted citations. Updated bibliographic styles for various journals (preferrably in the fields of biology, medicine) are made available on this web page. Contributions of users are welcome.

References bibliographic tools (RBT) is a complementary package of scripts which may be used independently from References. At present it contains two perl scripts: (makes lists of reference numbers from LaTeX documents) and (converts references in Medline format to .bib (BibTeX) format).

This software is written and maintained primarily by Volker Kiefel who may be reached at <kiev AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net>.

(New) References v4.3e is in preparation and will be released within the next weeks (April 24, 2008),
(New) Documentation of References bibliographic tools (RBT) now available on the documentation page (September 25, 2007),
(New) References documentation now also available in HTML format on the documentation page (September 22, 2007),
(New) References bibliographic tools v0.4 has been released (August 20, 2007). Logo Last updated February 8, 2011