Download of References

The following files are made available from a SourceForge download server website. Please select a mirror below "Select Preferred Mirror". Download will then start automatically within a few seconds, if not, please click on the link with the path of the selected file.

v4.3d for win32-systems

Binary files required for installation of current version: r43d.exe or (Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP program files, documentation, tutorial). Source code: refs-4.3d-src.tar.gz, (not required for normal use of the software).

v4.3d for Linux

Runtime files for Linux systems: refs-4.3d-rt.tar.gz. Binary files must be compiled from the sourcecode in refs-4.3d-src.tar.gz. Details of the compilation and installation process are described in the References manual. As an alternative, binary (32 bit) files (compiled under SUSE Linux) may be found in refs-4.3d-i386.tar.gz.


References bibliographic tools (RBT)


Platform-independent bibliographic tools (released 20.08.2007), documentation, changes. V0.4 of RBT comprises a perl script for converting MEDLINE bibliographic records into BibTeX files.

Text editors

References requires an external text editor. For the first steps, notepad may be used. However, on Windows 9x/ME systems, notepad can only handle very small files, in this situation, alternatives are welcome.

Version 4.0d compiled (djgpp) for MS-DOS (not officially supported)

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